Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Recovering, So it Must be Time to Overdo

This was another typically crazy Sunday.  I spent about 6 and a half hours laying a laminate floor (including putting down underlay) in my granddaughters' bedroom with my Eldest Daughter.  Hubby took Dear Child and the older of the 2 girls to the movies, which kept them out of our hair.  The "baby" on the other hand was at home and we tried to keep her occupied with videos and dressing up.  There were still a lot of interruptions and she managed to put off her nap for literally hours.  What we wouldn't have done for a typical day where she sleeps soundly for 2 1/2 hours right after lunch!

However, we did almost finish, except for the last row where about half a dozen boards need to be ripped.  We felt 8:30 pm was a little late to be using the power saws outside.  I think we can probably finish up tomorrow after everybody is done with work and school.  If not, we're all off on Wednesday for Remembrance Day.  There's still a new heat register to buy and the baseboards to buy and install.  Luckily they have a nailer that takes both staples and brads.  Equally luckily, I don't have to pay for any of this because it's not my part of the house.

Afterwards I sat down to look at my bills and my bank balances again.  Yes, I had to pay some more bills and still have more to pay.  I have money for some of the remaining ones, but not all, and it's not going to get any better on my payday because I'll be getting just over half a cheque.  Darn being sick anyway!  Once I update my bank book and transfer some more money to the credit union I'll be able to finish paying as many bills as possible.

I'm mostly recovered from the flu now, although I'm still coughing and having some difficulties breathing.  And I'm tired a lot.  By the end of this afternoon I could barely get off the floor to go cut boards and I got kind of shaky but I made it.  Oh yeah.  Remember when I said maybe I'd lose some weight?  I dropped 6 pounds and ended up at 125 (my goal is 120) and I've only gained back one pound since I started eating normally again and getting better hydrated.  I bet my upcoming book, entitled "The H1N1 Diet" will be a best-seller!  No calorie counting, no exercise and you can lose five pounds a week.  What a deal!

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