Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Won't Wait Wednesday, Remembrance Day Edition

Today was Remembrance Day.  It was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week but it's serious business as to why we have the day off in the first place.  I hope you took time today to think about the brave men and women who have fought on your behalf through the years.  Here's a link to last year's Remembrance Day post.

Today was also Wednesday and payday, although it was a pretty sad cheque.  I really hated taking that time off being sick because I knew it was going to hurt all over again come payday.  And it did.  The money came into my account.  I logged on, paid as many of my bills as I could and I'm broke again.  If I'd had a full paycheque I'd have been okay.  I mean, it wouldn't have been tremendous but it would have been enough to get by on until my next cheque.  As it is, we'll just have to see how things go over the next 2 weeks.

I'm really pleased that I'm getting all the bills under control again.  I'm really frustrated that this cycle keeps repeating.  I think it's important that I keep picking myself up and starting over.  I mean, it would be great if I could finally figure out why I keep finding myself back in the same place pretty much every year but at least I don't give up.

I haven't posted in the past couple of days because I've been really tired but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Trent quoted a comment of mine in his Monday Mailbag.  It was about being PC (or not) and was the part of the post this week that was clearly intended to generate a lot of comments.  And it did.

I'm tired again so I'm heading for bed.  Sorry if this post sounds disjointed.  I'm still not 100% and I spent a couple of hours out with my Eldest Daughter today, buying baseboards, a rug and some smaller items.  I think it just wore me out.  Oh, if that wasn't clear, I didn't buy stuff.  She did.  I drove and carried things.  My big luxury today was getting a 2 piece covered butter dish at IKEA.  It was discontinued and cost a whole $1.50.  I love it because it's just the right size for the sticks of butter we use.  We always keep a stick out so it's soft and I really like having a cover for it!


Eky Dakka said...

Blog walking *_^

Cell Phone 'n PDA

mother in israel said...

Your feed started working suddenly, but I got a lot of strange spammy-looking posts too from somebody called beckhan.

Shevy said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm posting a cry for help because I don't know what's causing it. I thought I'd fixed the problem but this spammy junk is beyond frustrating!