Sunday, November 1, 2009

'Tis the Get Sick

Dear Child came home from school on Friday complaining that she felt warm and achy and had a headache.  She's been just a little warm since then and pretty much herself, only a little toned down.  We had a quiet Shabbos, just stayed home, napped a lot and hung out on my bed.  I read her a whole bunch of Curious George stories and we played some games.  She didn't hang out upstairs at all today.

Tonight I let her go out with her big sister and the girls to a party for a couple of hours and she came back fine but then got hotter.  I know.  I'm probably a bad mother but she begged and Eldest Daughter didn't have a problem with taking her.  I feel guilty now though.  She also started coughing since she came home.  I gave her some Advil and she's asleep but sounding a little hoarse.  She's also giggling like a maniac in her sleep!  I want to know what she's dreaming about because it must be pretty darn funny!  It's been going on for several minutes.

I'm also coughing and feeling a little hoarse but otherwise I feel fine (bli ayin hara, no evil eye).  I just hope we're not coming down with Anything, if you know what I mean (pooh, pooh, pooh).  I still haven't had my H1N1 shot and now they're talking all over the news about how the lineups are huge and there isn't as much vaccine to go around as there was supposed to be.  I'm very frustrated that they didn't have it when I went in the 2nd day it was available.  I'm a high risk person.  I'm supposed to be able to get it.

Anyway, we'll see how things develop over Sunday.  Who knows if we're all going to be going to work & school on Monday or not at this point?  I just keep washing my hands but that's probably not a huge help considering all Dear Child wants to do is curl up and snuggle with me!  I should go and take my FloVent though.  It's supposed to reduce the inflammation in my lungs but it takes several days to really work.  Then I have to rinse out my mouth and gargle because it makes you susceptible to thrush.  Yeah, that would be fun.  Not!

PS Did you turn back your clocks tonight?

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