Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

It's not like I went away or anything. But I couldn't get into Blogger on Thursday night to post and I didn't have a second on Friday to even try. Then, of course, it was Shabbat. So now it's early Sunday morning and I'm finally back to posting.

I'm always busy but we've kicked it back up a notch. I got an earlier appointment at the dentist for 3 pm Friday and had to dash from there to pick up DC at school at 4 pm. We had some things to still pull together and then came home to cook for Shabbat/Hubby's birthday. Now, my Eldest Daughter is overseas on business for about 8 days, so I have the girls from 7 am each morning when Son-in-Law leaves for work.

Tomorrow we have a big event to go to at Stanley Park and we're going to bus there with all 3 girls. The bus is very straightforward and will save all kinds of parking hassle and cost. But bussing with 3 kids under 6 and a stroller is not the easiest thing in and of itself. I hope Boo Boo (the 17 mo old) is cooperative.

I'm tired now and I'm sure I'll be tired tomorrow. But, what are you going to do? Well, I should probably get to bed (seeing as my alarm is set for 6:30 am). I hope to post more tomorrow evening.

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