Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moving on the Microgoals

I finally took some steps towards 2 of my big goals, to study religious studies and to learn Hebrew fluently.

I didn't go to the first class in Biblical Hebrew tonight (I was upstairs in my office destroying my printer, but I digress). Instead, I went to speak to the teacher when the class ended. She gave me the handouts for tonight and told me she'll get me the ones for next week (which I can't go to either because I'm going to a dinner).

Of course, I still have a couple of things to work out. I have to arrange my work hours around it and I have to figure out how I'm going to come up with another $50/month for the next 9 months. And I actually have to study and do work out of class! You know, because I'm not actually busy or anything at the moment.

Just for a slice of my life, I got DC to school just on time today, went to work for an hour and printed several thousand address labels for our upcoming mailout, drove home, took my 3 yo granddaughter to her preschool and hung out there with the baby for the single hour that school was in session. I picked her up, drove home, gave them lunch and finally got the baby to sleep after she had a screaming session. As she was waking up I could see the 3 yo was about to fall asleep, so I loaded them back into the van and drove to the school even though we were early because it was just too hard to consider having to carry her out to the van when I also had to carry the baby. We waited in the van and I did some stuff on my BlackBerry. When school was letting out I got everybody up and out of the van. The 2 bigger girls played at the school playground for a while (I mostly held the baby after she tried to climb the ladder to the slide) and then we headed home, beating my Hubby by about 10 minutes and my son-in-law by maybe 20 minutes. We had dinner and I went back to work until the building closed. (I tried to print invoices and got one hopelessly caught in the printer so badly that we'll probably have to get someone to totally disassemble it.) By the time I got home DC was asleep. I watched a show Hubby taped for us to watch and now I'm planning to go to bed after I finish this post! Busy enough?

So, maybe I'm crazy and shouldn't try to take on anything more but if I don't, it's pretty sure that I'll never achieve any of my goals. And isn't that a large part of what life's about? I could just exist but where's the fun in that? Yes, it's going to cost a bit of money but realistically $450 is a cheap way to test the waters.

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