Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not the 100th Post I'd Hoped For

First of all, I can hardly believe this is already my 101st post! But I really didn't intend for my Stinky Dog Update to be my milestone post. I just wasn't paying attention. My bad.

So today was It Won't Wait Wednesday. Did I remember to do anything I've been putting off? Actually I've been tackling some things since Monday. I've been trying to deal with the gas company over the daily charges that have been accruing on my account for our rural place.

You see, we have a gas meter and I eventually got the gas company to come out and unlock it about a year ago. But then we discovered that the reason it was locked off was that the gas fireplace is unusable. The gas line is disconnected from it and actually is lying kind of coiled up in our side yard. But the gas company has been charging us all along, first of all for the "connection fee" (too bad it isn't actually connected to the fireplace) and then for a daily charge. Gas usage charges are over and above that but, of course, there haven't been any.

Now, I can understand the concept of paying for the potential use of the product. (I don't particularly like it, but that's beside the point.) But there's no potential here. So I tried to get the account put on hold about the time that I realized it was going to be tough to get a gasfitter to come out. I was told that it couldn't be done. Not quite so sure why, but I dropped the issue for several months and just let the charges accumulate. Now they're finally interested in talking to me about it but so far I've dealt with a front line person and a minor supervisor, neither of whom had the authority to reverse more than 10 days worth of charges. I'm waiting for the next level to call me back.

I also signed off on an agreement to pay for the Biblical Hebrew course I'm taking over the next 10 months. I wrote the cheques Tuesday night but had to finalize it all today.

The other stuff I did was work related. We're about to get very busy so I've been trying to catch up on a bunch of things I know I won't be able to touch in about a week or so.

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