Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review of August Goals

August is so over. How did I do with my goals? (And why has it taken me so long to write this post?)

1. Remain at or under 129 pounds. Done! But just barely. I know I was up at 130 or even 131 during the month, but I finished it at 129 so I'm happy.

2. It Won’t Wait Wednesday Challenge. Done! Every Wednesday I tackled one or two of those items that I've been putting off. I was good about it all August but it didn't happen this past Wednesday, maybe because it was DC's first day of school and I had other things on my mind.

3. Post a minimum of 26 times in August (daily, except for Shabbos). No. I only posted 22 times because I was pretty exhausted between working full time and looking after little ones while my Eldest Daughter was away.

4. Go through at least 8 more boxes. No. I did take at least 4 boxes (and possibly a couple more) to our other house but I don't think I went through a single box that stayed here and I didn't get any of the boxes to be sold or given away out of the house. (I had said that I’d count boxes that physically left the house in the city, either being given away or moving ones to the country.)

So, how do I feel about this? Not so great. I honestly didn't even remember that going through those boxes was a goal until I looked back at this post. I also did another post on mini-goals and haven't finished with those or added more mini-goals in the areas where I did have success.

This is clearly my biggest problem with a goal list. It isn't enough to come up with goals. It isn't enough to write them down, or even to post them on my blog and tell the world I'm planning to achieve them. I have to stay aware of them from day to day. And, right now, I don't.

Why has it taken me so long to write this post? Partly I've been thinking a lot about the problem I just wrote about. Partly I'm just tired a lot of the time. Sometimes I have 2 things I could post about and I just do the quickest or easiest one. That's also why I haven't written about goals or DC going to school or whatever.

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