Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Won't Wait Wednesday Returns

After totally missing Won't Wait Wednesday last week (actually I think I even forgot it was Wednesday until after the fact) what challenges did I tackle today?

I actually tried to do 2 things today, but only achieved one. Then I did 2 other things this evening. The first thing was that I was trying to make a phone call to do with one of my granddaughters and her school but the person I was calling was sick. Hey, at least I tried.

The other thing I did was to take my granddaughters to Metrotown with me this afternoon so I could return the clothes I wanted to take back before they reached the point where they couldn't be returned. This was actually quite a Big Deal. I'm a little out of practice loading up diaper bag and stroller and getting the 2 girls in the van. We got to Metrotown and parked in our special, always half empty, spot. Then I had to get both girls out and they'd fallen asleep. I really didn't care about the baby. She could sleep in the stroller if she wanted to (though she didn't) but her sister had to walk.

We walked through the mall to Old Navy where I returned a bright green skirt, a grey and pink striped sleeveless dress or jumper and a pink dog hoodie and got $36.19 refunded to my credit card. Then we walked a few yards down the mall to Gap Kids where I returned the 2 (pink) dresses I bought there. I can't see the receipt in my bag (the only light in the room is coming from the nightlight and the laptop) but the original bill was $49.33. Considering I returned both the items I bought, that should be the refund to my credit card. $85.52 is not a bad return for an hour's investment.

This evening at work I finished printing out the invoices I couldn't do yesterday when I mangled the printer. It's fine now following a visit from a tech. I think my co-worker told me it was going to cost $125 for the visit. All that for one blinkety blink piece of paper that didn't want to come out.

When I finished at work I went to Safeway and bought food for 5 meals plus an assortment of things for DC to take to school in her lunch, plus breakfast food, plus some goodies (about $87 worth of groceries in all). I've been putting off doing any kind of decent grocery shopping for over a week and things were pretty desparate in our kitchen.

So, there you have it -- my achievements for the day.

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