Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And So To Bed

We left very late, so we didn't arrive back in the city until almost 12:30 am. I've unpacked the car and the cooler and am ready for bed. I almost went straight there without turning on the computer but it didn't feel right to go to bed without at least a short post.

My cold or whatever is worse. I was having serial sneezes on the drive home and I'm sniffling like a maniac. But my throat doesn't seem to hurt any more and I don't feel too bad otherwise.

I had another go at the floor this morning and figured out what was going wrong. I had the boards oriented the wrong way around. I turned them around and they click together much better (though still not perfectly without careful pushing at both ends at once) but it creates more difficulties because now, instead of starting on the right side of the room and adding pieces to the left, I have to do the reverse.

And why is that a problem, you might ask? Because there's an electric baseboard heater on the right hand wall that will prevent me from positioning 3 or 4 of the boards without removing the doggone heater. I also couldn't finish because I need my floorboard puller (which was here in the city) to get the last pieces in each row into place. But it is working now, and the boards I got in place look good. I'm frustrated that I didn't finish so we could put our beds and night table back in place, but I feel pretty sure I can do it next time.

Anyway, that's enough for tonight. I just drove for 4 hours and I have to work in the morning, then come home and have the girls for the day. I need some sleep!

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