Friday, August 22, 2008

A Quiet Day

Today wasn't as exciting as yesterday, probably because nobody sent me money. I just went to work all day. I took my lunch for the 2nd day in a row and I'm going to buy my lunch tomorrow! Frugal is fine but, you know, it's Friday.

We had the girls all evening until after 11 pm. My DC and Boo Boo were asleep but my other granddaughter was still wide awake. She didn't even want to go upstairs when her folks got home. It's nice to be popular but I'm getting pretty tired, between working all day and then looking after little ones.

I didn't have the energy to do much for dinner, so it was 2 packages of Wacky Mac with cherries for dessert. I knew it would be popular with the girls but we practically had to restrain Dog. He was sneaking closer and closer to the girls, hoping for an unguarded instant when he could get at somebody's dish. We told him to take a hike, so he went to the kitchen and got a stick of butter off the counter! Dog is a miniature poodle for goodness sake. I have yet to figure out how he's getting things off the counter.

He's talented, Dog is. He's started to play football with my Hubby and DC. They throw it and he jumps up and grabs it with both front paws! He isn't always able to hold on, but he does manage it some of the time. And now he's started to "throw" it back by shoving it with his face when it's in his paws. Then it sort of shoots out from his paws back towards the person who just threw it to him.

Tomorrow I have to go pick up grape juice and challah, although I did the rest of the shopping earlier in the week. I'd rather have wine, but there's about an $8 difference between wine and grape juice and that will more than cover the cost of my lunch. If they had more choices I might have gone for wine and packed a lunch.

Or, if I had a brain, I could have bought some wine in the States last Sunday before I came back home. Even in the grocery store in Seattle they had kosher chardonnay and shiraz from Australia! In BC there's Manischewitz, a French wine and a few Israeli ones. Just wait until I start making wine in quantities big enough to sell it via BCLCB. It's going to be kosher, from BC and made with organic grapes! They'd better stock it!


Dolly Iris said...

Wow! Are you really going to start marketing your own wine one day? That would be great. I saw on TV a few weeks ago that BC wines are going to be the next big wine in demand across the world. Good for you!

Shevy said...

Yes, this is the ultimate long term plan. This is why we go back and forth to our rural home, looking for the right piece of land.

Once we have that I could technically start producing using grapes purchased from someone else (organic certified). But it takes about 5 years to start producing wine from your own vines.

It's true. When I was a kid growing up in the Okanagan the wine produced in the area was cr*p. It was from labrusca, as opposed to the European vinifera vines.

But that changed a number of years ago. Now, you can find tons of really good wine made here in BC. Some of it is even organic. But none of it is kosher.

I want to change that. I don't really want to be huge, but I want to be one of the little guys who market some really nice product and sell out every year. That's my dream.