Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It Was Wednesday, What Did I Do?

Yes, the middle of the work week can only mean one thing. It Won't Wait Wednesday is upon us again. What tasks that I typically put off did I tackle?

First of all, this morning I was running a little late but I stopped and forced myself to make a lunch to take to work. I bagged up sugar cookies I baked Tuesday evening with DC and Dear Granddaughter, took my protein drink and half an avocado, and made 2 sandwiches out of challah, cream cheese and grape jelly.

At work I was starved and couldn't wait until lunch time to start eating even though I had my protein drink (for breakfast) as soon as I got there. By 10 am I was chomping on a couple of handfuls of pistachio nuts I had previously taken to the office. Then I had a couple of sugar cookies. The sandwiches were gone about 5 minutes into the lunch hour and the avocado followed within a half hour.

I've been doing really well so far this week with lunches. Monday I had pistachios and baby carrots from home, with a slice of veggie pizza ($2.95). Tuesday I brought linguine and sauce that was leftover from Monday's dinner. Today I made my lunch, even if it did make me feel I was back in elementary school. Tomorrow and Friday I normally buy lunch.

After work came my second "task". I bussed to VGH and went to visit a friend in Palliative Care. Now, I want to make clear that this wasn't a chore or an obligation. I really wanted to get there and Palliative Care is open literally 24/7 but I hadn't been since a day or so before we went to the Okanagan. I originally intended to go yesterday but I didn't make it before a TV show Hubby wanted me to watch with him started and I'm ashamed to say I was just too lazy to go afterwards. Putting something off for a day or so is usually no big deal, but this is a case where I literally may not have an extra day or so. My friend was just taken off dialysis because his cancer has spread everywhere and it's just not possible to survive for more than a week at the outside with no kidneys and no dialysis.

So I went with a couple of the sugar cookies because he likes all kinds of goodies that he isn't really allowed to have and I knew that all the rules have been set aside at this point. He was sleeping and not very responsive (I've been told just to wake him up, because he sleeps more than he needs to). But he was semi awake and I sat for a while talking about work and our trip to the Okanagan and baking cookies with the girls. I also told the nurse about the cookies because I wasn't sure he was taking it all in, although she said he probably was. She also told me I could bring Dog to visit if I wanted to because my friend loves dogs! I knew the kidney specialist had brought her dog but thought it was just because she was a doctor. No, this ward is really, really special.

Then one of his dialysis nurses showed up to visit when she got off shift, so I only stayed a couple more minutes and then said goodbye (knowing full well it might really be goodbye).

I had also intended to get the clippers out when I got home and cut Dog's hair but Eldest Daughter and Son-in-Law went to the movies and the girls were with us for dinner and until about 10 pm. I wasn't comfortable using clippers with them running around so I'm putting it off yet again. I got them changed for bed at bedtime (9 pm) but couldn't get them to settle down and get to sleep even though they did lie down.

But, you know, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad!


Bouncing Back said...

Getting into a packed lunch routine takes time, especially if you are used to buying lunch out. Plus I've had to pay closer attention to my food shopping expiditions so I buy things that will last at the house to make it into packed lunches.

Bring the dog to your friend, he will appreciate it.

Shevy said...

Unfortunately I don't think I'll have a chance to take Dog to the hospital although I'm going to try to wedge in a very quick visit tomorrow because I'm sort of unexpectedly going away for the weekend.

The lunch thing is a bit weird to me. I seem to be hungrier when I take my lunch than when I buy it and want to eat earlier. That's not very economical.