Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playland and the Fever Fairy

At this point, both DC and our son-in-law are running fevers and have been since sometime Friday. It didn't stop them (and DC's 2 little nieces) from having a great time at Playland on Friday. They rode pretty well every ride in the Kiddy area, although DC was put out by having to ride an orange carousel horse (oh, the pain).

She's decided that she no longer likes the Giant Slide because the bumps now scare her and she and her 3 year old niece rode the new kids roller coaster and were terrified. We even have the official Playland picture to prove it.

In the picture DC is holding on for dear life and looks very worried. Dear Granddaughter has what almost looks like a temper tantrum face and is clearly an unhappy camper. Hey, they were warned. They both insisted on going anyway. DC says maybe she'll try it again with Eldest Daughter. I think she should just leave it for a year or two.

However, I think the prize for Most Daring clearly goes to Son-in-Law for going to Playland by himself with 3 kids aged 5, 3 and 17 months!

But they came home and promptly spiked high temperatures. I'm still coughing and living in fear of getting the fever, especially when I have to work full time and have no real backup. Well, the first couple of days this week I have a volunteer, but then she's going away for several days. And my Executive Director is also going to be away. Unfortunately, shutting down the office for a couple of days isn't really an option, so I'm really hoping that I'm already as sick as I'm going to get.

It occurred to me the other day that I might be working a lot more hours for the rest of the month but my expenses are going to be higher too. I normally only bus 2 days per week. Now I have to take the bus every day. By my expert calculations that means I'll have 18 extra bus rides (at $1.90 per trip, using FareSavers). That's an inexcapable added expense of $34.20.

Then, there's food. I have to eat at work and we generally don't have leftovers I can take with me (maybe once a week). I already have to leave about a half hour earlier than usual because of taking the bus, so making lunch isn't awfully likely either. That means I'm going to be spending more money buying food at the cafe. I have to try to keep the costs down but I really don't want to be stuck with a slice of pizza every day ($2.99). I just have to be a little more frugal than I was on Friday. After not spending a penny on food on Thursday I had a special sandwich and a coffee on Friday and blew $9.00. I clearly can't do that every day.

Maybe I can aim for 1 day of leftovers, 1 day of making my lunch and 3 days of eating at the cafe (only once more than I usually do anyway). And if I make 1 of the cafe meals either pizza or soup and a corn muffin ($4.00) then I won't be spending a ton more than usual.

Okay, enough about food when I'm fasting! I need to get some sleep so that I can get up at 7 am and take care of the girls if Son-in-Law happens to be well enough to go to work in the morning.

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