Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Won't Wait Wednesday Rocks

Today was It Won't Wait Wednesday, when I try to handle at least a couple of tasks that I've been, ahem, putting off. How did I do today?

Today really rocked. I went to the bank with the $786.82 cheque I received yesterday, deposited it and updated my passbook. My paycheque was Direct Deposited this morning and it was a couple of hundred dollars more than usual, due to the extra hours I put in last week.

My goal for today was to pay a bunch of bills that have been hanging around. I made a list and really gave it a good try but I didn't manage to complete every item on my list. Let's look at what I did accomplish however.

I paid Fido the last $25.11 I owed them and they are now officially history. Good riddance!

I wrote a cheque to my Eldest Daughter for two months worth of our share of the utilities and cable and Dear Child's swimming lessons from last month.

I logged on to my credit card account and totalled up all the money I charged last month (a couple of small grocery purchases) and on my trip to Seattle last weekend. I also added the amount of interest that appeared on the statement and paid that total.

I opened a new sub-account on ING named Home Depot and put in the $384.74 that will be due in January. I thought about just paying it off early but decided that I wanted the interest I'd earn between now and 5 months from now.

I paid IKEA the difference between the amount owing on my statement and the amount of the store credit I have. I had hoped to drive out to IKEA and get them to transfer the store credit back to my credit card today (because I finally found the missing receipt that showed I'd charged the mirror I returned on my IKEA card). But the traffic southbound on Knight Street was nasty after I got off work so I just went home and I couldn't get motivated to go out again in the rain later on.

I called Bell about the problems I've been having trying to link to my account and access my bill. The girl I talked to gave me the last piece of data I needed to input in order to complete the link. So I went online and tried yet again but got a message that they were having "technical difficulties" when I was about halfway through the process. Then I spent a while filling out a contact form asking for help or for them to fax hard copies of the 2 bills to my office. Is it so terrible that I just want to look at the charges before I pay them? But I still love my BlackBerry! They're supposed to contact me within the next 48 hours, so I'm hoping I'll be able to check this off my list very soon.

Anyway, that was my list of successes and I'm really proud of everything I accomplished today.


Dolly Iris said...

Won't Wait Wednesdays seems to be really working for you. I like this idea a lot!

Shevy said...

Yes, it's working really well. I'm a bit of a procrastinator and this is really getting me off my rear and finishing some of these tasks that have been on my list for literally months.

RivkA with a capital A said...

won't wait Wednesdays -- I LOVE it!!

I gotta try it.... (though I think Thursday is going to be my day)

I wanted to do that today, but my kids hijacked me to help them get ready for school.

2 much 2 do!!