Friday, August 1, 2008

Goals for August

Let’s see if I can do better with my goals for the month of August.

1. Remain at or under 129 pounds. Okay. I’m conceding to the inevitable here. I’m not going to make it to 120 lbs in time for my birthday but I’m not going to gain any more weight. And that’s final.

2. It Won’t Wait Wednesday Challenge. Every Wednesday I’m going to tackle one or two of those items that seem to sit permanently on my To Do list. Maybe it’s something I don’t particularly want to do. Maybe I think it will take forever or that I don’t have all the skills to complete the task. Maybe I need to look up a phone number or find something first before I can do it. It went well last Wednesday and the 2 calls I made took much less time than I expected. Want to join me? Either comment on my It Won’t Wait Wednesday post each week or post about it yourself and link to it.

3. Post a minimum of 26 times in August (daily, except for Shabbos). I don’t expect to have a problem with this unless working full time for three weeks means that I’m too busy or too tired to post. We’ll see.

4. Go through at least 8 more boxes. I keep plugging away but there are still lots of boxes. This might actually bit a bit tough when I’m working full time but I really want to be successful with this. Just to be clear, I’ll count boxes that I actually go through and empty as well as boxes that physically leave the house in the city (either being given away or moving ones that belong here to the country). If I move 4 boxes to our rural home I don’t have to empty them and put the contents all away in order to count them. That will come later, after another trip to IKEA for more bookshelves.

I’m not trying to give myself too many goals this month, I hope. I know I’ll be busy with the extra hours I’ll be working but I think I can manage this. I have some links (okay, 1 link) to insert in here, but can't as long as I can't access my blog. There's also a problem with additional carriage returns (blank lines) being inserted between paragraphs that it won't let me correct at the moment. I hope to fix this all on Sunday. Fixed.

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