Friday, August 29, 2008

On the Road Again

We're only working a half day Friday. Then we're going to pack up the van and head for our rural home with our daughter, 2 granddaughters and Dog. The original plan was to come back Sunday night and celebrate my milestone birthday on the holiday Monday. I was also supposed to be doing the bathroom floor because the bathroom renovation was supposed to take place this weekend. And we weren't taking the granddaughters in the first version of the plan.

Things change. My Eldest Daughter is working the whole long weekend at the PNE and our son-in-law always works weekends so, if we want to go away, we have to take the girls. Son-in-Law's father isn't coming to town this weekend, so there's no bathroom renovation in sight. And the holiday weekend isn't convenient for my big kids to come and have a party with me.

So, I think we're going to come back sometime in the middle of the day on Monday. I'm really hoping for good weather, so we can take the girls to the lake and fill the little pool in the back yard. We have a bunch of work to do at the house but I'm not sure how much will get done seeing as we're going to have the baby. How much flooring do you suppose I'll be able to lay with her "help"?

Anyway I'm looking forward to a couple of days at the house. It's always relaxing, even when we end up doing lots of house and yard work. And this is the last weekend we'll probably have there for quite a while. We might go for Sukkot again, like we did last year, but it becomes impossible to get there before Shabbat starts when the days start to get significantly shorter (and especially once we change the clocks back). Then we can go after Shabbos is over, but we still have to leave to come back around dinner time on Sunday. Nine hours driving and over a tank of gas just to have the one day at home is tough. Add snow in the mountain passes and we really only go once every couple of months or so.

I can't believe I just started talking about snow. What I want for this weekend is blue sky, warm weather (not boiling hot, just nice), time to relax and some good food and wine.

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