Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello CCTB Retroactive Payment

My nice surprise for today was that I came home and discovered my CCTB retroactive cheque had arrived a day early! Too bad it's dated the 20th. Guess what I'm going to be doing tomorrow!

After I deposit my cheque and update my passbook (it's also payday on Wednesday) I should pay some bills! This will be a big cheque and the next one will be too. I have this big retroactive payment, plus I'll be getting 2 more government cheques within the next few days. So, I'm going from broke to having a nice chunk of change pretty abruptly.

What's the plan for spending it? I have 2 months of utilities at the city house to pay, I need to make a payment on my credit card, I want to either pay off the next amount owing on the Home Depot card or put the cash for that into ING so it's available when it comes due some time in January. Even more than that is the payment that will be due in February. It's about $1,400 and I have nothing saved for it yet. That means I should be trying to put away at least $200/month. Good luck. I've been in the red mostly by the end of each month.

And then again, there's a little more money owed to the school for supplies and books and I still need to get DC some new skirts and 2 pairs of shoes. I ran into her teacher today when I went down to the cafe for lunch and she said they should be really easy to put on and take off because they change shoes so often (when school starts and for each of the 3 recesses thereafter and again to go home). Basically, that spells velcro.

There are so many possibilities for spending the money. I just have to make sure I pay off and pay down as much as possible and that I don't leave myself short for anything I've already committed myself to (like the tuition payment).

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