Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Thinking About School

School starts in just over a week and we still have to get DC at least a couple more skirts because she doesn't have more than a couple left that cover her knees. She doesn't seem to be that much bigger but she must have grown at least a couple of inches just based on how much shorter her skirts and dresses have gotten over the summer. We should establish a wall or a doorframe at our rural home and start measuring her there on a regular basis.

I did that for years when my big kids were small and the only problem was that it was a rented place. When we moved out, we lost all those cool reminders of how small everybody had been at one time.

We got DC a new backpack, shaped and coloured like a bee. It's cute and waterproof and it doesn't have to be huge or incredibly sturdy yet because it'll be another year before she starts shlepping books and other supplies back and forth. This backpack needs to basically serve as a place to hold her lunch and it will do that with room to spare. I also picked up a couple of juice boxes with pink lids at the dollar store for her and my 3 yo granddaughter who is going to go to preschool 2 days a week.

Before I get too excited about having 2 of them in school, let me say that this means I'll only have the 17 month old on her own for about an hour once a week before it's time for us to walk up the hill in all kinds of Vancouver weather (rain, heavy rain, pouring rain) all winter to pick the older one up because it's only a half day. The other day that she's in school is one of the days her dad is home with the kids. This means he's really not going to be looking after DC anymore, other than picking her up from school on Thursdays and Fridays.

My Dear Child, on the other hand, is going to be in school from 8:30 am to 4 pm 5 days per week (early dismissal on Fridays excepted). That also means she's only going to be hanging out with her nieces for a couple of hours on each of those 2 days instead of being with them all day every day. It's going to be a big change for everybody.

She's still not going to bed early enough or getting up early enough, although she has been waking a little earlier, around 7:30 to 8 am, as opposed to 8:30 to 9:30 am previously. I really think she's going to have to be up by 7 am in order to have a hope of making it to school by 8:30 am. That includes waking up (not easy for a night owl), eating, dressing, brushing teeth and having her hair done in about an hour and then getting out to the car and into her car seat. I think lunches are going to have to be made the night before. I've been asking her, but she still can't tell me what she wants to eat in her lunches.

They aren't allowed to bring peanut butter or any other nut products into the school. She won't eat a cheese sandwich. She sometimes eats cream cheese and she went through a phase where she wanted a ketchup sandwich (yes, that's just bread and ketchup) although I think she may be over that, thank goodness. Aside from the cost ($19.99/lb) I'm not planning on giving her meat sandwiches. She rarely eats them and she'd hate not being able to have any dairy products for 6 hours in the middle of the day. I don't think there's a rule prohibiting meat, like some day schools have, but it just doesn't make sense for her.

What does that leave? Well she ate a jam sandwich the other day. Not my idea of the healthiest thing she could have. And she might eat tuna, although it has to be kept cold because of the mayo. Not sure if she'll eat an egg salad sandwich (same issue about keeping it cold). I guess I could try alternating all those for the first couple of weeks and then see what she's willing to keep eating. The thing is, she's just not keen on sandwiches, soft tacos, hamburgers, etc. She prefers toast, but I don't see how she can eat that in a school lunch.


Grace. said...

Ya know what, Shevy? Unless you're making your own mayonnaise, that tuna sandwich will be just fine in her lunch box. Commercial mayonnaise can survive a nuclear blast--and it won't harm you no matter how long it's been left out or even if it turns brown. I don't know that this info would make you want to use mayo at all, but no one gets food poisoning from it.

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen soybean butter in the stores around here, though I haven't looked into how much they cost. You could check it out, because soybeans aren't nuts.

Do you think she could handle soup in a thermos? That might be an alternative to sandwich-type foods.

DogAteMyFinances said...

The peanut bans make me crazy. When did this start happening?

Shevy said...

Really? But you know "they" always talk about people at a picnic poisoned by potato salad or whatever and blame people for not keeping foods containing mayo cold.

I haven't seen soybean butter, but there's a product called Pea Butter that looks like PB and is made from yellow peas.

I haven't tried it because it's almost $7 for a small jar (making it almost 3 times as expensive as generic peanut butter) and somebody who tried it told me it was horrible.

I certainly took PB every day for years in the 60's and my big kids took it sometimes in the 70's. But peanut allergies are becoming more and more common and a lot of them seem to be very severe, so schools have gone from just banning it in classrooms where someone is known to be allergic to throughout the school.