Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Miscellaneous Sunday

I spent quite a while in the garden this morning, pulling out a climbing weed that looks like Morning Glory, except that it has different flowers. It had appeared over the last month or so, climbing all over the chain link fence separating our yard from the neighbour’s.

Hubby dug out a huge stump that was right up against the house. Last year it was a tree that leaned up against the kitchen window and was taller than the roof. He cut it down but it all grew up again (about 3 feet in just the past month), so this time he decided the root had to go.

Originally, my plan for today was to lay the floor in the master bedroom and I actually got the first row together, but I can’t get the 2nd row to click into the previous one! I’ve laid both laminate and engineered hardwood floors before and never had a problem, but they were glued floors. Click flooring is supposed to be easy as pie, much easier than gluing. All I can say is “Ha! Easy, my foot!”

I’ve actually tried with more expensive Torlys click flooring at the Home Show and it was great. This, however, is not expensive flooring. It’s Tundra flooring from IKEA and costs $1.29 sq foot. I don’t know if it won’t go together because it’s cheap or what, but it’s driving me crazy.

I decided I had to leave it for a while and try it again when we get back from town. If I still can’t make it work I don’t know if I’m going to take back the 3 unopened boxes and get a credit or what. I still have to have flooring and I don’t really want to pay $7.99 per sq foot for the Torlys. Who knows? Maybe I’ll come back from town and it will miraculously work! Hey, I can hope.

Anyway, we have a few errands to do in town. We’re already totally out of water (I caught Dog trying to drink out of the toilet, yuck!) and we want some more of a new soft drink we bought the other day. It’s Canada Dry Ginger Ale, but with Green Tea and it’s really good, very refreshing in the heat and soothing on my scratchy throat. Yes, I’m sick. I shouldn’t be surprised. All the little girls have had runny noses and scratchy little voices for days (including my son-in-law’s sister’s kids, also roughly 3 years and not quite one, who were visiting for a couple of days last week). With all that exposure, not to mention all those kisses, I should expect to be immune? But being sick in the heat of summer is doubly unpleasant I think.

We’re heading back to the city sometime tomorrow, but I’m not sure yet whether we’re aiming to leave before lunch or in the late afternoon. Either way I probably won’t post again until tomorrow night.

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