Thursday, August 7, 2008

Missing in Action?

Sorry about that. No post last night. Nothing this morning. And yesterday was It Won't Wait Wednesday. So, what happened? Well, this cold, work and taking care of little girls (who are also taking turns spiking temperatures) finally took its toll.

My co-worker left on vacation early (a vacation planned around the appearance of a new grandchild) and yesterday was, ahem, pretty interesting as I couldn't arrange to stay for the day on short notice. Luckily, we had a volunteer who was able to come in and handle the phones.

I have a cough that's moved into my chest, not a great thing when you consider that I have asthma (generally well controlled) and have a history of pneumonia, even though I had the pneumococcal shot several years ago. I don't think I'm as sick as Trent has been over at The Simple Dollar and I'm not at the point where I really need to go to the doctor. However, if I get worse I won't have time to go because I'm going to be stuck in the office (not a good thought).

I obviously need more sleep than usual though. I've been falling asleep early and sleeping until my alarm goes off, when I normally stay up late and wake up anywhere up to an hour before my alarm. This evening I was reading posts and fell asleep for at least an hour while Hubby and DC were at the park!

Probably the hardest thing is that Eldest Daughter is going away on business again from tomorrow until Sunday sometime. That means there will be no free time this weekend when I can try to rest and recuperate. Actually, I believe that she'll be away every weekend this month. On the other hand, she's staying home 3 days next week with the girls when I'm in the office. And then I think the trade shows are over for the next several months.

So, what about yesterday? Did I take care of any outstanding business? Well, the only thing I tried to do was update my passbook. I have a tendency to avoid doing that when I know I'm not doing too well, but that's come back to bite me in the past. So, I was a good girl and tried to update it after work yesterday but I ended up having to take the info on a printout. It seems that at night the passbook feature can't be accessed, but it will give you the same information on a strip of paper. Weird. It was just as well I did, because I ended up putting the couple of items I needed at the grocery store on my credit card so I wouldn't end up risking NSF charges.

Today, on my way home, I finally managed to get the passbook itself updated. I paid Fido their $79.99 this evening. And I transferred $300 from my ING emergency fund into my bank account. I don't like doing it. I didn't want to do it. But it was the right thing to do. It's counterproductive to have money sitting there while my bills are going unpaid or I'm sitting in overdraft. Things will be more normal after my next paycheque (which will have one week of the extra hours I'm working on it). They'll be much better after the following cheque in the first week of September, which will have 2 full time weeks on it. And I'll also be getting my retroactive CCTB payment of just over $700.

I'm proud of myself today for having brought leftovers for lunch instead of buying food at the cafe downstairs. I won't be able to do that tomorrow though because there was nothing left after dinner tonight. And we'll have to eat well tomorrow night and Shabbos lunch because the fast of Tisha B'Av starts when Shabbos ends.

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