Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

I had thought I'd go to the gym for It Won't Wait Wednesday, but I didn't. What I did do was groom the Dog. I started with the clippers but they were clogging up so I switched to scissors and Dog was super good about it.

Now I'm not 100% finished, but he was getting tired of it and I didn't want to push it. There's just a little left to trim around his face, near his ears and his tail. He hates having his tail even touched, let alone trimmed. The whole time I was cutting he had his tail curled so tightly downward that you couldn't tell he had a tail!

What did this accomplish? It was bonding time for us. I kept cuddling him and telling him what a good boy he was and he loved that. Dog doesn't look all shaggy anymore. I improved my dog grooming skills. He's not going to get covered in sticky burrs when we go to the house this weekend. And I saved $54! Gotta like that.

The other stuff I did was all work related. I finally finished some complicated financial reporting and got some other backed up work done. I mailed a number of tribute cards and organized some more work for tomorrow. Only a day and a half of work before we go to the house for the long weekend. When I get back to work my co-worker will be back from her 3 week vacation and I'm pretty happy about that!

So I didn't get to the gym and I haven't miraculously lost 10 pounds. I've got about another 9 months of paid membership at the gym. Sooner or later I'll get there. It's just not likely to be before my birthday.

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